Pantry Pests – What Are They & Tips For Preventing Infestations

Close up pantry pest

Have you ever opened a packet of biscuits from the back of your pantry or cupboard, eager to dig in, only to find they have already been devoured or at least partially devoured by something else. I know this had happened to many of us over the years. Generally the first thought is mice, but…

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Is It Just Me, Or Have Animals Gone A Bit Nutty Recently?

Everytime we turn on the news these days it seems that the world is getting more and more crazy. People keep doing more outrageous and crazy things. It’s not only people though, it also seems that the animal world is getting more and more outrageous. This week there have been a plethora of animals doing…

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The Humble Bee – And Some Crazy Hives

With spring and summer of 2018 – 2019 behind us, we thought it time to discuss the life of bees and some of the stranger bee stories we’ve come across. Many people are scared of bees, and we obviously come into contact with them on a daily basis. Did you know that bees are a…

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Spring Time Means Spiders – Ever Seen One In A Bag Of Bananas, Or Fly?

Close up Spider

So with spring hitting us front and centre, it’s the time of the year where everything seems to come out from wherever it was hiding, and thrives on life and sunshine. Spiders are no exception. So with that in mind, we thought it timely to bring some of the worlds weirdest and wackiest spider stories.…

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