Wherever you are in Adelaide or SA, pest control for fleas is as close as your local Murray’s pest control branch.

Suffering with small, red itchy dots around the feet and ankles? Chances are you’re getting bitten by fleas. They’re usually brought inside on pets and then transfer to the carpet, furniture…and you!

While you’re treating infected pets and washing their bedding, Murray’s can treat the areas in your home where fleas live and breed.

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Fleas are usually found on cats, dogs, carpets, furniture, dusty floors, sandy sub floors, and even grassy areas. Adult fleas have a flat body so they can move easily through dense hair or fur. Each of the six legs has a pair of claws at the tip to stay attached to the host, regardless of scratching. The hind legs are well developed for jumping onto a passing host.

Fleas only inhabit warm-blooded animals, surviving on blood meals but often drop off between feeds. Flea bites are irritating and look like small red spots, due to the injection of flea saliva at the time of biting to prevent the blood coagulating.

Simple Prevention

Fleas prefer warm humid environments and breed mainly in the warmer months. Cleanliness is important in flea control. Floors should be regularly and thoroughly washed, swept and carpets vacuumed or steam cleaned. Upholstered furniture and areas where pets rest or sleep should be given special attention. Before discarding, spray vacuumings with an aerosol to kill fleas & larvae.

Pet bedding should be washed or replaced and pets given a flea wash. Keeping pets outside may reduce flea problems inside. The exclusion of any rats may also reduce flea problems. Flea control in Adelaide has never been easier.

Flea close up