Looking for pest control for a black ant problem in Adelaide or anywhere is SA? Murray’s pest control Adelaide can help.

When ants invade your home, they can get everywhere, especially into food. They’re relentless and unsightly and because they’ve probably been in unsanitary areas, it’s important to protect your family.

Just spraying ants is a waste of time. You’re killing a few on the surface and doing nothing to the thousands in the nest.

Murray’s solution for black ant control is ‘baiting’ which destroys the source of the problem – the nest. We only need to feed small numbers of ants on the surface to eradicate tens of thousands hiding underground, in walls or the roof. And there’s no danger to pets or people.

Let one of Murray’s friendly Customer Service team solve your Adelaide ant problem with our warrantied ant baiting program. Call now for your no obligation quote, and use our ant eradication program.

Black ants nest outdoors, in ceilings and under paving. Foraging worker ants cause a nuisance indoors as they travel widely in search of water & food, following well defined trails and clustering around the food source.

They feed on oils, butter, sweet foods meats, breads and biscuits. Ants are not only look unpleasant but can damage food making it unfit for human consumption. Black ants can, however, be beneficial as predators of other insects.

Simple Prevention

Cleanliness is the key to not attracting ants indoors. Surfaces should be kept clean of spills and food remnants and stored food should be kept in clean, tightly closed containers.

If you’re considering implementing our professional ant baiting program, please DO NOT disturb the ants by using domestic inspect spray or products as this could reduce the effectiveness of our treatment. Call Murrays Pest Control today, and we can provide and a black ant control solution for your Adelaide home or business.

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