Controlling Wasps and Bees

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A bee problem usually happens quickly and unexpectedly. A swarm arrives & decides to try and make a hive in or around your property. The swarm will often look to settle around vents, chimneys or in a tree.

Bee Hive Removal


Whatever you do, don’t go near them and definitely don’t spray them with water. Moisture is one of the things they’re searching for, so spraying may actually encourage them to stay.

Murray’s pest control Adelaide operates an emergency bee call out service to dust and eradicate problem bees. Simply call us anytime and we’ll eliminate your bee problem as soon as possible, and provide our Adelaide bee removal service.

Call a friendly Murray’s Customer Service Advisor now for our Adelaide bee control and European wasp control solutions.

Bees and wasps are most active in the warmer summer months, when humans can suffer from stings. These are annoying and painful for most, while a small percentage are severely allergic to bee stings to the point of being life threatening.

Wasps are generally more aggressive when disturbed with a multiple stinging behavior that is of greater concern. Unlike bees, the wasp sting can be withdrawn from the victim.

Simple Prevention

In summer, you can prevent bees drinking from pet water bowls by placing a shallow water tray covered with floating corks higher than the pet bowl and within the bees’ flight path. The corks provide a safe landing place and therefore a preferred drinking point, avoiding the possibility of your dog or cat being stung by a bee in their bowl.

Take care with open soft drink cans, especially during summer. Wasps love sweet liquid and this may lead to stinging of the mouth or throat with potentially serious consequences including respiratory obstruction.

Never approach a bee or wasp nest, as they are more likely to be aggressive when defending the nest.

Wasps often construct mud cells on shaded walls during summer. Allow them to complete this larval housing, wait until the wasp has left after a few days and then scrape the structure off the wall and discard.

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