Wasp Protection & Control fact sheet

Wasp Protection & Control fact sheet

About wasps

  • Wasps are distinctive in their appearance because of their narrow waist
  • Depending upon their species they are usually 1 to 2cm in length
  • Wasp are aggressive when disturbed or frightened
  • European wasps are active throughout the year but more so in warmer months

Helpful Hints

  • Ensure no dog or cat food or other foodstuff are left around the building as this will attract wasp, also pick up off the ground any fruit which may have fallen off the trees
  • Do not disturb the nest as this will antagonise the wasps causing them to become aggressive
  • Stay away from the treated area for at least for 48 hours as foraging wasps will return and find the colony destroyed and will become aggressive

Did you know?

  • The venom in wasps contains a pheromone that causes other wasps to become more aggressive
  • A male wasp is called a Drone
  • Wasps live in colonies that form self-contained communities, each following a caste order of queens, males and workers
  • European wasps are attracted to sweet foods and meat

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