The Hidden Cost Of Solar

With the ever increasing rise in our electricity bills, there has been a massive surge in the uptake of more affordable, alternative power solutions namely Solar Panels. With companies offering great feed-in tariffs and people being able to significantly reduce their electricity bills, you can see why it appears that every second home nowadays has solar panels.

But there is a dark side to solar and no one could have anticipated that solar panels would become the next pigeon coops. We have seen enquires for bird control and bird mite control throughout Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills quadruple over the last 18 months, as these feathered friends move in and wreak havoc on the human occupants living below. Feral pigeons are the most common birds to start nesting underneath your solar system, with the panels providing a safe and secure location to nest and breed without the unwanted attention from other predator birds. The term “feral pigeon” is given to a domestic homing pigeon when it returns to the wild.

Domestic Pigeons

Domestic pigeons were introduced to Australia in the 1700’s as a means of communication between colonies and as a food source, nowadays racing pigeons are used as a form of recreation. Our environment is perfect for feral flocks to increase in numbers and dominate the urban landscape. Our landfill sites provide an ample source of food. Our high-rise apartment living and new home design styles on solar systems provide ideal artificial cliff faces for pigeons to nest upon. At Murray Pest Control we offer a free pest inspection, where we examine the underlying issues unique to your home.

This inspection includes a free individually tailored pest management proposal to suit your needs, as not every pest infestation is the same. Our consultants will also give advice on what steps you can take to also reduce the incidence of pests at your property. We offer affordable solutions from our Solar panel exclusion system that doesn’t void your solar panel warranty. Our Solar Panel Exclusion System is a proofing system that utilises a unique clip system that doesn’t require any drilling to attach to the side of the solar panels. UV stable, plastic coated metal mesh is used to prevent pigeons from nesting under the panels. We also offer a cleaning service to get rid of any bacteria associated with accumulated bird droppings.