For more than 5 decades, the people at Murray Pest Control have been helping South Australians manage their pest problems.


Our Story

It was back in 1959, when Peter Scott Snr started his pest control career in the Mid North of South Australia, naming his young business after the River Murray.

Nowadays Murray Pest Control is based in South Australia's capital City Adelaide and continues to provide pest control services throughout the state through its franchise network.

Murray Pest Control is a proudly SA operated company.


Murray Pest Control has developed EarthWise™ to represent our range of best available products and procedures that provide greener but effective solutions to pest problems.

EarthWise™ starts with the way we first approach a pest problem.

A focus on exclusion, monitoring, inspecting and correcting the conditions that attract pests can deliver very effective control and reduce the need to apply products. We advise you about the many things you can do around your home to reduce the risk of infestation.

When treating a pest problem is necessary, the best available products are applied by our qualified technicians using disciplined technique to ensure that they use the least amount necessary to achieve effective control.

With EarthWise™, Murray’s range of procedures and products ensure that our pest solutions are safe for your family, pets…and the environment.

Pests won’t know its greener, but you will.


Integrated Pest Management

The key to being environmentally friendly while controlling pests is to be proactive, not reactive. It’s much greener to prevent them in the first place, than waiting for a problem before acting.

Murray’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach investigates all possible causes of a problem and the best control methods. Temperature, moisture, light, food, available shelter and even the presence of other organisms are all vital considerations because changing them can help manage a problem.

Controlling moisture with proper ventilation reduces the risk of structural pests like termites & borers. Our Termite Tips shows you many other ways to reduce your risk of termite attack.

Physical methods to keep other pests out may be as simple as securing fly screens, filling cracks and crevices with silicone, fitting door seals or blocking access holes in the roof. Sanitation and hygiene is critical in making an environment less attractive to all sorts of pests – like ants in the kitchen. Reducing water sources is also a high priority in rodent & cockroach control.

Taking all these factors into account means that when it’s necessary to apply a pest product, the outcome will be much more effective.

Treatment Products and Procedures


Premise, our preferred termite liquid treatment is water based and biodegradable. Murray’s was an influential participant in Australian trials for Premise SC 200 termiticide. The Bayer product has been described as the safest liquid termiticide ever developed. There is no smell and no need to move out of your home while it is applied. Premise (view PDF)


Sentricon, our recommended termite monitoring & baiting system offers award winning, environmentally benign protection against termites. Murray Pest Control has a long term professional association with Dow Agro Sciences in the research and development of Sentricon. In our opinion, it is the most effective and environmentally friendly way that exists to manage termites. It’s the only termite product ever to receive the US Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. Sentricon (view PDF)


Tamper resistant, lockable rodent stations. Murray’s only uses secure, high quality hard plastic stations. That means that bait intended for rodent control is highly protected against access by children and pets. Low quality cardboard versions should be rejected by homeowners and business owners as they offer little resistance to the elements & are easily accessed by children & animals.


Low Toxicity Liquids & Gels. Using a palatable food grade base, modern gel & liquid products are safe, have no smell and are effective in very small amounts. They can also be applied in hard to get to areas – out of the way for people and pets, but in exactly the right spot for bugs like cockroaches and black ants.

All Murray's product have Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available. An MSDS provides all the necessary information regarding ingredients health information and handling procedures.

Murray Pest Control ute in car park

Vehicle Fleet

Murray’s Adelaide fleet of pest control vehicles has been transformed to deliver lower emissions and lower fuel consumption.

The replacement program has seen petrol engined utilities changed to the latest turbo diesel vans.

In doing so, we have achieved:

  • a 24% overall reduction in fuel consumption
  • a reduction in carbon emissions (Co2/km) by more than 40%.

With Murray’s fleet covering over a million kilometres every year, that represents a significant reduction in our carbon footprint and fossil fuel impact.

The enclosed vans also ensure a higher degree of security for our pest control equipment and products, while delivering 4/5 star ANCAP safety ratings for the protection of Murray’s on road employees.

Other Initiatives

As a Quality Endorsed Company, Murray Pest Control is constantly seeking continuous improvement in all aspects of the business, including energy efficiencies and environmental improvements.

Renewable Energy – building

Murray’s head office operates under a 20% Greenpower Accredited Renewable Energy plan. We are assessing the viability of incorporating solar panels for electricity generation.

Murray’s diligently recycles as many materials as possible.
Our pest product plastic containers are submitted to the drumMUSTER program for recycling.

Packaging cardboard & office paper is stored in a specialist skip for regular recycling collection and printer toner cartridges are recycled with Planet Ark.

Mobile phones are recycled via the ‘mobilemuster’ program.

Technician,Training & OHWS

Technicians, Training & OH&S

When a Murray’s Pest Technician services your home or business, you have every right to expect them to be a friendly, well trained and trustworthy visitor.

Around 35 Murray’s licenced technicians visit Adelaide homes & businesses daily, with another 30 throughout regional SA and the NT. All carry their pest licence and a photo id.

All prospective technicians undergo a Federal Police check prior to being offered employment.

Uniquely, Murray’s has a full time, in house Training Manager. Gary Scott is fully qualified to Certificate IV in Pest Management. It’s this dedicated training focus that ensures the very best ‘one on one’ support, guidance and mentoring throughout a comprehensive program of theoretical and on the job training.

Decades of experience and advice is passed on from Supervisors and Managers as trainee technicians study and work towards becoming fully qualified to national competency standards.

Once qualified, the learning continues. Pest control products, application techniques and OH&S procedures are constantly improving, and Murray’s conducts ongoing training to make sure our technicians and the products they use are always at industry ‘best practice’ levels.

Research & Technology

Pest Control products and techniques are constantly developing as the industry and science discover new and better ways to manage unwanted pests out of our homes, businesses and food industry.

As a market leader, Murray Pest Control is regularly involved with manufacturers in the testing & development of new products and equipment, as well as keeping informed about the latest technologies from around the world.

It’s part of Murray’s commitment to a strong ‘continuous improvement’ program that ensures the use of the latest products & techniques that have minimal impact on people and the environment but maximum impact on pests.

For the vital job of detecting termites, it’s refreshing to know that the most essential tools are the eyes, ears and experience of a qualified and experienced Technician. Armed simply with a moisture meter, torch and ‘knocker bar’, tracking termites is the fine art of pest control.

If necessary to analyze a tricky infestation, we may incorporate a thermal camera or a boroscope to see under floors or into walls. But for most jobs, there is no substitute for the skill of a well trained technician.
Find out more about Murray’s preferred products under Treatment Options.

Research & Technology


Murray Pest Control offers employment opportunities from time to time across many fields, including Customer Service, Administration, Accounts and of course, pest control.

Traineeship opportunities for Pest Control Technicians occur regularly and involve a combination of on the job training and study.

Vacancies for all positions are always advertised on

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General Manager

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