Food and Pests dont mix.

That's why your business needs our Food Safety Pest Control Services

Food Safety Pest Control

That’s why all businesses involved anywhere along the food chain are required to control pests under the Australian Food Safety Standard 3.2.3.

Through our specialist Commercial Division, Murray Pest Control offers Industry Best Practice, environmentally friendly, EarthWise solutions across all business sectors. Our bar code scanning and web based reporting is fast and efficient. It also makes your record keeping and auditing easy!

Shops, schools, restaurants, pubs, hospitals, food processors, warehouses and service stations are just some examples of the wide variety of businesses that rely on Murray’s for effective pest management.

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We Service A Range Of Different Businesses


Murray Pest Control implements comprehensive pest control solutions in schools, safeguarding food safety and maintaining a healthy environment for students. Protecting students, one pest-free cafeteria at a time.


Murray Pest Control provides top-notch pest control services for shops, protecting food safety and preserving a hygienic environment.

Restaurants and Pubs

Murray Pest Control specializes in pest control solutions for restaurants and pubs, ensuring food safety and maintaining a clean and healthy dining experience.


Murray Pest Control provides essential pest control services for hospitals, safeguarding food safety and maintaining a sterile environment.

Food Processors & Warehouses

Murray Pest Control offers comprehensive pest control solutions for food processors and warehouses, safeguarding food safety and preserving the integrity of stored products.

Petrol Stations

Murray Pest Control provides specialized pest control services for petrol stations, safeguarding food safety and maintaining a hygienic environment. Protecting customers, one pest-free station at a time.

There are just some examples of the wide variety of businesses that rely on Murrays for effective pest management.

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