Controlling Bed Bugs in Your Home

Murray’s has bed bug pest control solutions across Adelaide and South Australia.

Been bitten in bed? It’s possibly Bed Bug bites, which cause redness, irritation and swelling. These blood suckers like to hide in the seams of mattresses & tell tale signs are the tiny blood spots they leave on sheets.

Bed Bugs are the world’s fastest growing problem pest – especially in the USA & increasingly in Australia. They’ve been called ‘the globe’s greatest hitchhikers’ because their rapid spread comes courtesy of traveller’s luggage.

Having bed bugs doesn’t mean you’re unsanitary, just unlucky. Treatment is very specialised and differs depending on the infestation and environment.

For details on treatment, warranty and a no obligation quote, call Murray’s for our Adelaide bed bug control strategies.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are blood sucking insects that hide in cracks and crevices close to their host which is commonly humans along with household pets. Adult bed bugs can survive for up to seven months without blood and have been known to live in empty buildings for up to one year.

Good hygiene practices are essential to controlling and preventing bed bug infestations along with sealing cracks and crevices to affected areas where possible.

The most common control of bed bug outbreaks is the application of synthetic pyrethroid insecticides to all surface and bed bug harbourage areas. In some situations such as traveller accommodation an ongoing program and preventative treatment may be required. Our Adelaide pest control technicians can help you with you specific bed bug problem.

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