You’ll be in no doubt if a possum is in your roof. There’s plenty of noisy banging and scratching, plus it doesn’t take long for the smell of urine to invade your house.test

So, how do you evict a possum?

As a protected species, Murray’s follows the legal requirements of implementing a stringent possum program designed to guarantee the possum the best chance of survival when returned to its natural environment, and our possum removal procedures are second to none.

The starting point is a survey report that recommends how to fix entry points for the future, followed by a carefully monitored trapping and release program.

Find out full details by talking with a friendly Murray’s Customer Service Advisor.

Like all other native animals, possums are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. They must not be harmed in any way or retained without an authority from the Dept. of Conservation and Environment.

The Common Brushtail Possum normally makes its den in a tree hollow. In urban areas, the lack of trees means it often adopts the space in accessible house roofs. The Common Ringtail Possum usually builds a nest of dry twigs and leaves in dense foliage a few metres above the ground and seldom enters roof areas.


Living with Possums

Deny roof access by placing smooth metal collars around tree trunks to prevent climbing or by lopping branches that lead to the roof.

Consider installing a nest box in your garden as an alternate den site for the possum. As they are territorial, one possum adopting the box is likely to keep others away. When correctly managed, a family of possums can be both fun and educational for children. With some patience, hand feeding is commonly achieved.

Block all roof entrance points once possums have left and wipe around the area with household bleach to remove scent.

Plants or fruit that are being eaten can be protected by placing blood & bone fertiliser around the plant base, or by making a solution of hot English mustard that is sprayed or painted on the affected fruits or foliage. Possum control Adelaide is what our qualified technicians are trained in, and possums can be returned to their natural environment unharmed.

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