Is It Just Me, Or Have Animals Gone A Bit Nutty Recently?

Everytime we turn on the news these days it seems that the world is getting more and more crazy. People keep doing more outrageous and crazy things. It’s not only people though, it also seems that the animal world is getting more and more outrageous. This week there have been a plethora of animals doing crazy things. We’ve heard at least 10 crazy animal stories recently. Everything from a suicidal mouse jumping into a deep fryer, to a rhinoceros playing football with a car.

First though, let’s look at a story from the UK where authorities are concerned that a population of super mutant rodents are poised to take over the city, and that Buckingham palace may well be their target.

Rat Plague At Buckingham Palace


According to The Sun the Queen has been left stunned by an ever increasing population of rats that seem to be growing in numbers and brashness in Buckingham Palace. We wrote an article a while back about the UK Houses Of Parliament being infested with bed bugs. It seems that the the powers that be in Britain just can’t seem to shake local pest infestations.

According to one source, the Palace decided it was time to act and call in the local pest control experts  when a rat was spotted “tearing” through the kitchens. Council pest control admitted there is not a huge amount that can be done to eradicate the rodents, and the age and type of dwelling means that rodents can breed and thrive undetected in the walls of the residence easily.

This, and also the fact that authorities have warned about a super rat population (rats the size of cats) that have been spotted all over the UK in recent years, means that the Queen may simply have to put up with them.

The scary thing about these super rats is that they are up to 4 times the size of a normal rat, and seem to have evolved to be smarter than the average pest control technician, having learnt to evade capture and treatment. It seems they have evolved to be immune to many standard baiting and eradication techniques.

Luckily we haven’t spotted any rats in Adelaide the size of cats lately, but that doesn’t mean they’re not lurking in the shadows?


mutant rat control in Adelaide


Mouse Jumps Into Deep Fryer

We provide pest control for a number of commercial kitchens in Adelaide but we’ve never heard a story quite like this one from a Texan Whataburger restaurant. The viral video, which has now been viewed over 1.5 million times, shows a mouse scampering around a bench in the restaurant with staff trying to capture it, or at least move it on.

Unfortunately it was in front of customers, so of course someone had their phone out and recorded the entire scenario. As the mouse tries to escape, it ends up leaping into a deep fryer. Did it decide it had had enough? You be the judge:




VS Remember NYC’s #PizzaRat ? Well he has been upstaged by the #Whataburger Rat, who just committed suicide by jumping in a fryer! Watch: Video shows mouse diving into deep fryer at a Whataburger in Texas –

— Restaurant Class (@RestaurantCLS) September 2, 2019

Rhino Plays Football With Car

While we don’t generally get called out to deal with a rogue Rhino on the loose (it’s not really in our technicians job description), it could happen.  Are their Rhino’s at Monarto Zoo? This story comes from Germany in the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen. This zoo keeper obviously encountered this big guy on a bad day, and he just kept pushing his buttons until the big guy had just simply had enough.

Mental note: a small European hatch back is probably not the best choice to herd a Rhino. While the animal rolls and smashes the vehicle multiple times, with the driver still inside, somehow the driver escaped unscatched and lived to “herd” another day.




The person in the car is a worker of a Safari Park in Germany where this incident took place. The worker is a female who looks after the animals. Thankfully she is safe.

— Vidushak (@vidushak_) September 1, 2019


So what do we learn from today’s stories?

  1.  There is such a thing called a super rat, and it’s as big as a cat!
  2. The Queen has rodent problems just like anyone else, and likely she can’t do anything about it
  3. Mice can indeed commit suicide
  4. Don’t annoy a Rhino when it’s having a bad day. Rhinio 1, small European hatchback, 0

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