Keeping Mosquitoes Under Control Naturally

Recently Orkin released the top 50 cities for mosquitoes in the US. In southern Australia, while we do have mosquito infestations in pockets and certain areas of the country, generally it’s not as bad as further north.

However as we move into the warmer months, and subsequently many of us will be spending more time closer to water where mosquitoes are more prevalent, we thought we could take a look at how you can deal with mosquitoes and the best way to keep them away from you and your family.

The Risk Of Mosquitoes

Most of us understand the distinct threat and risk that comes with mosquitoes. Luckily, for the most part we don’t have many of the really nasty diseases in Australia that they can carry. However we should always be aware and do our best to protect ourselves and our families.

Orkin entomologist Mark Beavers said in a statement:

“Mosquitoes are more than annoying; they can be a major health threat. Mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile virus, encephalitides, dengue, chikungunya and for those who may remember, Zika, threaten the safety of humans and pets.”

Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted To You?

As we all know these little flying critters are amazing at seeking us out even in a dark quite room. Bu why? This video gives some insight.



How Can You Keep Mozzies Away? – Farts?

An interesting story appeared in the UK Sun recently, with a man reportedly having the ability to kill and keep mozzies away with his farts. Apparently something in his intestinal gases acted like a natural pesticide.

“When Joe is around we all know that mosquitoes will vanish. He is respectful of people around him and will only fart when there are mosquitoes around which bring malaria. His farts gets rid of this disease. A Local chief who knew Joe, when he was growing up as a child, said he took him in to live with him during the malaria season and claimed no one nearby caught the disease.”

Apparently some well known and large insect repellent companies have signed him up, keen to find out what is unique to his farts that are killing and repelling mosquitoes!

Using Plants and Dragonflies For Mosquito Control

A little know hack can help keep these critters away by utilising biological and natural remedies.


natural mozzie control

The humble dragon fly is one of the fiercest natural predators to mozzies. They not only feed on adults but also seek out larvae in water sources and indulge.

“One study found that dragonfly larvae could play a significant role in the regulation of mosquito populations (1). While they are most effective in their larval stage, adult dragonflies can still eat up to 100, if not many more, mosquitoes per day.”Source:

By adding the appropriate plants to your garden, you can attract dragon flies into you realm. Some of these are not native or indeed found in Australia. However here are some that are:

  • Water Lily – These make a perfect egg laying environment for dragon flies. If you don’t have a pond, create one. While is may seem counter intuitive to add more water if you want to keep mosquitoes away, a pond will also bring the dragon flies in.
  • Arrowheads (Sagittaria latifolia): While this plant is native to North America, it has been introduced into Australia as a perennial aquarium plant.
  • Wild celery (Vallisneria americana): This is another plant suited to aquariums and ponds.
  • Cats Tail (Typha latifolia): This is an introduced species known also as the bulrush. It’s native to North and South America. Again it’s best grown near water, or at least have a good source of water. These are great egg laying sites for adult dragon flies. These plants are tough, so planting some is easy.

Other Natural Repellents

There is also a huge range of other natural repellents that many people swear by. These include lemon eucalyptus oil, lavender, cinnamon oil, thyme oil,  Greek catnip oil, soybean oil, citronella, and tea tree oil. Luckily most of these can found at your local supermarket or store.

For larger mozzie problems, or for commercial food premises for example, we recommend you contact an experienced mosquito pest control company to get the job done properly and safely, or call Murray’s for more information.

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