The terror from above

We have all been there, relaxing on a Saturday afternoon around the BBQ with family and friends waiting to enjoy the freshly cooked steak only to have it ruined by that distinctive low hum swiftly followed by that unforgettable stinging sensation and that insatiable itching that feels like it will never end. The pandemonium that ensues would be comical but what your left with is that strong unmistakable smell of DEET and your guests looking like they escaped from a mental institution as they sit on the edge of their seats, their eyes darting from left to right, up & down scanning the sky for the next bombardment.

Due to the severe weather that we are currently experiencing, we are in for an inundation of mosquitoes. So what can be done I hear you scream? Well first things first, we need to understand what mosquito’s need to survive and thrive. The ideal location for mozzies are areas where there are no predators such as fish & birds. This allows the wiggleys (larval stage) to thrive and survive into adulthood. Their favourite habitats are septic tanks, puddles, pot plants, pets water bowls, old tyres and rainwater tanks as they are all ideal breeding grounds for mozzies.

Be on the lookout for wiggleys in any standing water, no matter how small. Around the garden cover up openings such as drains and tanks with fly screen mesh. One area which is normally overlooked is the little plant saucers at the bottom of your plant pot, add it to your gardening routine and empty them weekly or another great idea is to fill them up with sand. Also keep your ponds stocked up with fish.

The sad truth of the matter is, Mosquitoes are a nuisance that can never be entirely eradicated, but you can minimise their numbers by setting up a maintenance routine and by protecting yourself and your family.

Here are some helpful ways to protect yourself and your family.

  • Wear light-coloured, loose clothing outdoors (including during the day).
  • In spring check that your fly screens are fitted properly and do not have any large holes in them.
  • Use personal repellents.
  • Burn mosquito coils and citronella candles, remembering that they are only effective within a short range.

Hopefully this advice can let you sit back and enjoy the great outdoors. As always feel free to contact our friendly Service Centre team 8334 1000 for more information & advice.

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