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Sentricon Always Active

As a family owned business, we understand that you are looking to protect not only your family but also your biggest financial investment, your home. We have all heard and seen the horror stories about how much damage termites can inflict on an unprotected building. With the day to day stresses, sometimes protecting your home goes out the window and your home is left vulnerable to termite attacks. It’s not helpful nor comforting when with hindsight people state “prevention is better than the cure”. Once you have termites you are faced with two treatment options, either chemical liquid barriers or a baiting and monitoring system.

Unfortunately some buildings aren’t easily treatable with conventional liquid chemical barrier systems. Liquid treatments are designed to create a continuous chemical barrier around the home. There are numerous reasons why certain types of buildings are not suitable for a chemical barrier system. One reason is often the way a building is constructed, which can create concealed entry points where the chemical is unable to penetrate successfully. Another is that some people just aren’t comfortable exposing their family to chemicals regardless of how environmentally friendly they might be and so will make a conscious decision to avoid using them. This is where Sentricon comes into play.

In the mid 90’s Murrays led the way with the introduction of the Sentricon Termite Elimination System into our arsenal. The Sentricon System has proven itself to be a real success story in the war on termites and today we are happy to announce that Dow Agro Sciences™® have launched an all new version of the trusted Sentricon system, the Sentricon “Always Active” System.

The all new Sentricon “Always Active” System was designed by Dow Agro Sciences, with the Australian harsh climate in mind.  Murray Pest Control has worked closely with Dow Agro over the last three years, conducting numerous site trials throughout Adelaide to ensure the product is suitable for our conditions.

What’s different about the Sentricon “Always Active” I hear you ask? Well for the very first time we can eliminate the need to start with a timber monitoring device in the station and arm all the stations with baited rods straight off the bat, with a new highly durable High Density rod that is built to last up to five years. So what does that mean for you? It means you have something tangible in the ground protecting and eliminating termites right from the outset. The great news is, in all field trials the termites actually preferred the HD rod over the plain timber, leading to faster termite colony elimination, removing the threat of termites quicker. Please ring our friendly service centre staff for more info.

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