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Rats and mice love to make your home, their home – especially in winter. And why not, it’s a lot safer and drier than anything they could build themselves.

To rid your home of rodents, you need Murray’s professional baiting program. We’ll identify the infestation and recommend the best course of action, including rat traps or other alternatives for rodent control.

Discuss a solution to your rodent problem with a friendly Murray’s Customer Service Advisor. Our Adelaide rat control services are warrantied for your peace of mind from pests and provide Adelaide rat control services for your convenience.

The three common pest species of rodents are the Norway Rat, the Roof Rat, and the House Mouse. These three rodents are known as ‘commensal’ pests, meaning they successfully cohabit with humans.

Rodents move indoors during winter, looking for both shelter and food. However, in commercial premises rodents can be a problem all year round. Given the right conditions, mice can reach plague proportions in rural areas.

Rodents build nests using soft material like shredded paper or fabric, usually in wall cavities, roof voids or under floors. Norway Rats live in burrows, garbage tips and other similar sites.

Rodents breed and mature very quickly. The mating of a single pair of rodents can result in a population of 400-700 within a year.


Simple Prevention

How to ged rid of rats and mice: Being nocturnal, activity is rarely seen in daylight so you need to look for evidence instead.

Rodents deposit their droppings on all surfaces over which they travel. The stains and odour caused by almost continual urination is an obvious indication of rodents. Greasy smear marks appear on obstacles along their main routes.

Achieving and maintaining a high standard of hygiene and sanitation and decreasing available food and shelter are critical to controlling rodents, and lessen the need for rat removal. Use sound rubbish containers with tight lids, clean up any rubbish and overgrown weeds around the building to control mice and rats.

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