Rat Protection & Control fact sheet

Rat Protection & Control fact sheet

About rats

  • Typically brownish fur but colour may vary
  • Adult body length is 200-270mm plus tail of 150-200mm
  • They have an acute sense of hearing
  • Have a fantastic ability to climb
  • Continually gnaw to wear down their front teeth even on non-food materials such as electrical cable and pipes
  • Rats transmit many disease to humans including Salmollelosis and Weils Disease, usually from the urine of infected rats

Helpful hints

  • Keep your home in good repair; rats only need a gap of 15mm to gain entry
  • Remove potential nesting sites by keeping yards and gardens clean and tidy, and by cutting back overgrown areas and removing any fallen fruit
  • Seal gaps around waste water pipes
  • Install pest exclusion mesh to building vents and weep holes
  • Do not leave household waste where rats can get access to it, close rubbish bin lids and composters and do not feed wild birds as you may be feeding rats as well

Did you know?

  • Rat were responsible for unleashing the Black Plague across Europe . The Fleas that lived on the rats transmitted the Yersinia pests bacteria to millions of unwitting victims
  • In Africa there is species of giant Rats called Gambian Pouched Rat which can weigh up to 7kg
  • In India there is a temple where rats are treated as sacred and given protection
  • In the Mishmi culture of India, rats are essential to the traditional diet, as Mishmi women may eat no meat except fish, pork, wild birds and rats

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