New CRM paving the way for Success

Murray Pest Control New CRM PinPoint

At Murray’s we are always looking for innovative ways to improve the way that we do business, with an emphasis on improving the experience for our clients as well as our staff.

With the continual improvement of CRM systems and tablet technology in recent years we have seen an opportunity to do just that. New technology has allowed us to improve the way in which we run our business, not only in the field but also in the back of house.

Over the last 24 months we have been developing our new CRM platform and this March we will see the rewards of all our hard efforts reach fruition. As of March the 1st we changed over from our old CRM (ServicePRO) and seamlessly transitioned to our all new custom designed Pinpoint CRM system.

One of the main efficiencies in the field is that the technicians can complete the report, run the client through any issues that they have found before emailing/printing the report and the invoice all while onsite direct to the client. They can even take all forms of payment either cash, Visa cards etc. without swapping programs or requiring extra equipment.

Our main goal in the field is to use the electronic tablets for an efficient and quick means of relaying information back to our clients. Electronic reporting enables us to produce an easy to read, customised report for our clients property, incorporating risk assessments, MSDS information, photos of any issues, and a more adept site map with a click of a button providing our clients with all the relevant information before we even leave their property.

There are huge efficiencies to be gained from changing CRM’S. One of the biggest downfalls of our old CRM software package was that we required two additional software packages to support it. One for all our enquiries and another for the accounting and financial reporting. The problem with that was the three software packages weren’t compatible and couldn’t satisfactorily transfer the information between programs. This meant we had to rely upon the clerks to manually data enter the information. Whereas with the new system we have been able to reduce the number of software packages we need, and therefore cut costs for technical support and it has been designed to integrate effortlessly with our other software and can transfer information without the need to double handle all the information and reduce the opportunity for human error.

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