Snake Control & Protection – Coming Snake Season Considerations

We might still be in the cooler months of the year, but with a few warmer days and nights, it’s not long before many of the creepy crawlies that have been tucked up in a warm dry place over the winter months, will be making their way out into to the sunlight.

In Adelaide, just like the rest of Australia, this includes our slithering friends….snakes.

Snakes Are Still One Of The Most Feared Animals

Snakes still strike fear into many people’s hearts. Sometimes it’s for good reason, and other times it’s simply not warranted. Over the years education has helped people understand that snakes are not necessarily the enemy, and that they play an important role in the environment. We’ve all heard the saying “the only good snake is a dead snake”, but did you actually know that it’s illegal to kill snakes in Australia?

Snakes in South Australia are a protected species, and it is an offense under the National Parks and Wildlife Act to kill or remove (yes remove) a snake from it’s environment. Fines of up to $10,000 and 2 years imprisonment can be enforced.

However there is an exception, where if a known venomous snake poses a genuine threat to life or safety, the law may be mitigated. It’s always advisable to simple avoid snakes, as most of us can’t identify a snake accurately in any case.

That’s Not A Snake….This Is A Snake

While we do have some of the most venomous snakes in the world, (and the brown snake found in South Australia is one of them), thankfully we don’t anything like the size of the biggest snakes you’ll find elsewhere in the world. Check out the video below of what may be an Anaconda recorded in South America. Un….believ…



And here is another. This one is quite interesting as it was photographed by a Belgium pilot in the Congo many years ago.



Luckily, we also don’t have rattle snakes in Australia. Check out this next video.



Precautions to Keep Snakes Away From Your Home This Summer

Adelaide like many other cities in Australia has a large number of different species of snake. Generally we don’t expect to see them in the suburbs all that often, but every year snake catchers are called out to inner city suburbs to remove snakes.

Keep Grass Short

This is rather obvious, and ensures that not only you will see a snake more easily if it makes it’s way into your yard, but generally they don’t want to be seen, so short grass will keep them away.

Ensure you have the best rodent control

We all know that snakes love to feast on rats and mice. If you have rodents in your garden, shed, or home, you’re obviously inviting snakes in with a tasty meal. If your rat and mice management program is adequate, there is less chance a snake will make it’s way into your area.

Clean Up Hard Rubbish

If your backyard is full of hard rubbish or wood piles for example, it not only allows a place for snakes to dwell safely, but it could also allow them to hibernate in or under the rubbish during winter. The last thing you want is an angry snake in your yard when it wakes from it slumber as the weather warms up.

What To Do If You See A Snake

If you do happen to see a snake in your yard, or in the park while walking your dog, the best thing is to carefully and quietly move away in the other direction. It’s a cliche, but the snake is more likely to be more scared of you than you of it. Then you can both go on your merry way.

If you think you have a snake in your garden shed, under your house, or in same instances they can make their way into your home, the best course of action is to close the door and call your local snake catcher. They can legally, safely and carefully come and remove the reptile  from the area.

What Twitter Says

Oh….and unlike this following video on twitter, keep your pets away from the area and much as you can!



WATCH: A family dog has taken on a deadly brown snake at a home north of Adelaide! #9News

— Nine News Adelaide (@9NewsAdel) October 30, 2018

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