The Humble Bee – And Some Crazy Hives

With spring and summer of 2018 – 2019 behind us, we thought it time to discuss the life of bees and some of the stranger bee stories we’ve come across. Many people are scared of bees, and we obviously come into contact with them on a daily basis. Did you know that bees are a foundational species on our planet?

An article on says:

Put simply, bees pollinate our plants, which means they carry pollen between plants of different sexes to fertilise them, or even between different parts of the same plant, which help plants reproduce. Bees even help plants survive by preventing inbreeding.

As plants are responsible for creating oxygen as a bi-product of photosynthesis, it’s not hard to see why bees are at the “point of the spear” for life on earth. This is why scientists are so concerned about a catastrophic extinction of bees if it ever happens. Life on earth as we know it, could simply cease to exist.

Having established that bees are so important to life, we’ll now take a look at some of the more amazing bee hive and bee stories from around the world.


20,000 Bees Removed From Home

We recently came across this article from the UK about a home in Coventry that has a bee hive containing 20,000 bees.

About 20,000 bees have been removed from a house in Coventry and rehomed with a beekeeper in Lichfield.

It took six hours for David Bird from Delta Pest Control to remove the colony, which had grown to 1.2 cubic metres in size.

It is thought the bees were able to thrive in a cavity due to the mild winter.

After a period of quarantine the bees will be put to work in an apiary.


You can view the video here.


Bee Friendly Landscapes

To help maintain a healthy eco-system for the humble (not bumble) bee, we need to understand the environment and landscapes that will help their sustainability.

An article in discusses the best way for homeowners or landowners to build a healthy landscape. As a pest control business that works with bees we always recommend that any attempt to provide similar environments is make sure it’s not in an area  where you will want them removed later on, or could potentially be a risk to your family or pets.

Dr Daniel Potter presented a webcast ends his presentation with a list of the best  and recommendations for building a bee-friendly landscape. He suggests planting a variety of trees and shrubs that bloom at different times of the growing season—such as a cornelian cherry dogwood that blooms in the , a bottlebrush buckeye for the summer season, and a seven sons flower tree for the autumn—to provide crucial floral resources through the winter.

Incredible Bee Hives

We’ve been involved with removal of some amazing bee hives in Adelaide and around the suburbs over the years. They are an incredible insect and we are always amazed at the structures they can create. Here are some more examples of amazing hives from around the world.

Opening Up A Wall With 20,000 Bees

This is a crazy video of a guy heading to his grand mothers house to see the removal of over 20,000 bees.


Bee Hive Under A Bed

This one is even crazier, with a huge hive under a bed.



Flow Hive Trend

You may of heard of the Flow Hive, which is a really cool Australian invention that was created a number of years ago. It allows almost anyone to become a bee keeper! We’d love to hear of anyone who has one of these units.


What Twitter Says


Researchers decipher and codify the universal language of honey bees
For Virginia Tech researchers Margaret Couvillon and Roger Schürch, the Tower of Babel origin myth—intended to explain the genesis of t…

— Just Bee Friendly (@justbeefriendly) April 4, 2019

The bees stinger is called an ovipositor.

— Bees Hive (@BeesBeezine) March 19, 2019

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