Have You Ever Had Bed Bugs In Your Home? – Check Out These Great Home Remedies

Bedbugs are a pest all over the world that have a bit of a stigma attached to them. After all, who wants to admit they have bed bugs in their home? But, it’s more of a common occurrence that you would think.


An article from the ABC in 2011 suggested that Australia was facing a bedbug invasion.

“Australians are being warned there is no escape from the bedbugs which are currently staging a jet-setting comeback in hotels on both sides of the Atlantic.

After being all but wiped out by banned pesticide DDT years ago, the little brown bugs are reportedly increasing in numbers, generating some bad PR for tourist hotspots New York and London.

Bedbug cases in both cities are on the rise as the parasites hitch a lift in luggage, aircraft seats and clothes to wherever people sleep or rest.

Infestations are common in backpacker-friendly suburbs like Bondi and Coogee, but it is not just overseas travellers who are being attacked.”

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-02-10/australia-facing-bedbug-invasion/1938492

That was back in 2011. Did an infestation actually occur? We’ll it’s difficult to know, but we certainly see a steady stream of bed bug occurrence year in, year out.

National Geographic Video On Bed Bugs

Best Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

While there are methods and strategies you can use to get rid of the bed bugs, certainly the best way is to call your pest exterminator to do the job professionally. We understand that sometimes that is simply not possible. So here are some ideas and strategies (home remedies) to deal with the pesky critters.

These tips come from https://www.ecotektermiteandpest.com/blog/best-ways-get-rid-bed-bugs/. Let’s look at their ideas and we will put our spin on it.

  • Determine the rooms which have been infested
  1. The first thing that you would have to do is identify the rooms which have been affected by bed bugs. Since this is bed bugs that we seem to be talking about, the primary site would almost usually be the bedroom. Since they start off in one place, the EPA has stated that it does not take them long to spread to other areas. So rather than waiting, it would be better to treat this problem as soon as you possibly could.

Obviously this is a pretty good start. If you have kids you’ll probably know about it pretty quickly if they have bugs in their bed. But even so, be sure to check every bedroom, and then every room of the home.

  • Do not throw away your bed
  • While you might think about throwing away your bed, it has been highly recommended that you do not take this sort of a rash decision. Instead, you could think about hiring a pest control company who would be able to take care of this matter in a more effective manner.

This really depends on the severity of the infestation, and is up to you. Many people for example could not bare the thought of sleeping in the bed again, especially if it was severely infested. Then again, that would mean you have to purchase a new mattress or bed, so household budget is also a consideration.

  • Create a safe place to sleep
  • While you would be dealing with bed bugs infestation, it would be a good idea to create a safe place where you would be able to sleep. So, rather than moving to other places, you could create a safe space within your room. This would definitely stop the bed bugs to spread to other rooms in your home.

This is where you should at least consult with a professional exterminator so you know the best way to ensure the infestation does not spread any further. When in doubt, close off the room or rooms, and sleep elsewhere in the house until you can deal with the problem.

So while these ideas are not rocket science, it will certainly give you a place to start when coming up with your strategy to get rid of them.

Home Remedies

Steam Cleaning: One of the best ways to eliminate these irritating little parasites is with extreme heat.

Lavender Oil: Through endless trial and error and generations of trying to eliminate these pesky creatures, it has been found that bed bugs absolutely despite the smell and taste of lavender oil.

Tea Tree Oil: As one of the strongest and most potent essential oils, tea tree oil has been turned to for many home remedies, and it also works for bed bugs.

Baking Soda: It seems like baking soda can be used for everything, and yet again it’s great to deter the critter. Sprinkle in cracks and door jams.

Cayenne Pepper: Have you ever accidentally ingested cayenne pepper while preparing a meal. It’s not nice, and bed bugs don’t think so either!


Don’t Do What This Kid Did!

We know these pesky bugs can sometimes drive you crazy, but please don’t do what this teenager did in the USA last year:

Cincinnati fire officials say a 13-year-old boy caused $300,000 worth of fire damage in efforts of killing a beg bug inside a local apartment complex.

The unidentified boy poured alcohol on the bug before lighting it on fire. The fire was reported to officials late Tuesday night in the 4000 block of Hawaiian Terrace and resulted in the displacement of 8 people – 5 adults and 3 children.

“This was accidental. He wasn’t in there just playing with matches. It wasn’t the smartest thing, obviously, but he was trying to get rid of a bed bug,” said District 3 Chief Marc Monahan in a Cincinnati Enquirer report Wednesday.

Source: http://www.ibtimes.com/ohio-teen-causes-300000-damage-trying-kill-bed-bug-2621527

What Twitter Says:

“Sleep Tight – Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite”

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