Electronic reporting, the future is here

At Murray’s we are always looking at innovating ways to improve the way we do business, with an emphasis on improving the experience for our clients.

With the continual improvement of tablet technology and mobile broadband we have seen an opportunity to improve the way in which we carry out our treatment reporting cheap jerseys to our clients and at the same time reduce our environmental impact and drain on natural resources such as paper. In the past our technicians have to carry around multiple treatment report books, which is susceptible to damaged and lets face facts not everybody’s hand writing is easy to read.

So it was decided that investing in newer technology would hold the key to improving one of the most crucial aspects of our roles as pest controllers, which was the relay of important information to clients.

Over the last twelve months, Murray Pest Control in house trainer Gary Scott has been persevering with the implementation of our new tablet report system to all of the Pest control divisions at Murray Pest Control. Firstly, we had to adapt our current software database to be able to receive the reports directly into the clients file. This had the added benefit of reducing the hours spent data entering and then manually scanning reports to the client’s file.

Our main goal is to use the electronic tablets for an efficient and quick means of relaying information back to our to clients. Electronic reporting enables us to produce an easy to read, customised report that can be emailed mice to clients and will remove the onerous task of manually filing all reports. By going digital we have been able to adding extra features to our reports making for a more tailored individual report on our clients property, like photos of issues, site maps and treatment plans plus risk assessments and MSDS information are now available.

The aim is to increase information transfer between MPC and our client; giving a more detailed report on their individual property.

The official implementation of the new Samsung Note tablets has been successfully distributed throughout Murray’s Sentricon, Residential us and Commercial divisions.

Feedback from both our clients and technicians on the tablet reporting system has so far has been incredibly positive. Jose Ruiz a technician wholesale jerseys from our Sentricon division says that “moving to the device has made his work life wholesale mlb jerseys easier and his clients like the fact that Jose can review any issue with them on the spot”.

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