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Advion Ant Gel   exp 03-2018
Agrisense Ephestia Plodia Lure   exp 03-2018
Alphachloralose   exp 11-2016
Battleaxe Pro   exp 03-2016
Biflex AquaMax   exp 05-2017
Biflex Ultra   exp 05-2017
Biforce   exp 10-2015
Bromakil Rat Drink   exp 07-2018
Chaindrite Aerosol   exp 09-2017
Chaindrite Metered Spray   exp 09-2015
Cislin   exp 10-2016
Contrac Blox   exp 05-2016
Coopex Dust   exp 06-2018
Crackdown   exp 06-2016
Detex Blox   exp 04-2017
Ditrac Blox   exp 05-2018
Ficam W   exp 10-2018
Fipforce Aqua   exp 01-2018
Garrards Drift Insecticide   exp 11-2016
Goliath Cockroach Gel   exp 11-2015
Homeguard Termite Barrier   exp 02-2017
Hydrasoil Wetter   exp 01-2016
Inskill   exp 03-2020
Liquid Fly & Wasp Bait   exp 10-2017
MakiBlock   exp 07-2019
Maxforce Cockroach Gel   exp 06-2016
Maxforce GB Granular Ant Bait   exp 08-2016
Maxforce Gold Gel   exp 06-2016
Maxforce Granular Insect Bait   exp 08-2016
Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait   exp 10-2015
Maxforce White CR Gel   exp 09-2016
Nemesis Termite Bait   exp 09-2017
Pestigas   exp 08-2018
Phantom Insecticide   exp 06-2015
Premise 200SC Termiticide   exp 11-2016
Premise Foam   exp 12-2015
Provoke Mouse Attractant - Discontinued   exp 05-2016
PyMist   exp 07-2018
PySpray   exp 01-2017
Quickbayt Fly Bait   exp 06-2016
Racumin 8   exp 05-2016
Racumin Paste   exp 05-2016
Rega Slim Trap   exp 07-2018
Sentricon AG Termite Bait   exp 04-2018
Sentricon IG Termite Bait   exp 04-2018
Starycide Insect Growth Regulator   exp 07-2017
Stratgem   exp 11-2015
SureCan   exp 10-2018
Talon Wax Blocks   exp 03-2018
Tempo   exp 07-2017
Temprid 75   exp 12-2017
Vectobac G   exp 02-2019
Weedmaster Herbicide   exp 02-2017