All New Sentricon “Always Active”

The all new Sentricon “Always Active” technology marks a quantum leap forward in the evolution of the humble termite baiting system.

For the very first time we can eliminate the need to have a timber monitoring device in the station. With previous termite systems like Sentricon 2, Exterra and Nemesis, we had to wait until the termites started consuming the timber monitoring device before we could introduce the HD (High Density) rod, creating a greater risk that the termites might forage beyond the stations towards the home.

Now we can skip the need to use a timber monitoring device and arm all the stations with a new highly durable HD rod right from the start. The new “Always Active” HD rod has been built to last in the harsh Australian climate for up to five years in the ground before requiring replacing, unless consumed by the termites prior. The great news is, in all field trials the termites actually preferred the HD rod over timber, leading to faster termite colony eliminations.

There is still the need for the system to be monitored by a qualified professional. The average servicing required for an active or “heavy pressure” site is a minimum of two to four visits annually and for a non-active site with no evidence or “low pressure” a minimum of two visits annually. This may vary depending on what is found on site after each service.

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