Fabric Pests Protection & Control fact sheet

Fabric Pests Protection & Control fact sheet

About fabric pests

  • The insects most commonly associated with damage to fabric and paper products include clothes moths, carpet beetles, silverfish and psocids
  • Carpet beetles and clothes moth can be serious pests damaging a variety of materials, mainly of animal origin including wool in carpets, clothing and furnishing, silk, fur under-felt and sometimes food products of animal origin such as fishmeal
  • Silverfish have a preference for starchy materials and in dwellings they cause damage to cotton, linen, books, paper wallpaper and other material incorporating starch, sizing or natural glue
  • Psocids are usally more of a nuisance pest than cause serious or costly damage
Bed Bug

Helpful hints

  • Make sure to move furniture regularly and Vacuum underneath this is remove debris that the larvae stage will feed on
  • Rodents and birds should be excluded from premises roof void and pets bedding should be frequently cleaned
  • When clothing is stored for some time, they should be thoroughly cleaned and wrapped up tightly in plastic before storage

Did you know?

  • Majority of fabric pest are brought into the home on every day items such as furniture, rugs and even flowers. Other forms of entry are through open windows or doors
  • Majority of fabric /pest it is only the larva stage that causes the damage to fabric and soft furnishing etc
  • Silverfish adults can be as large as 3/4-inch long

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