Material Safety Data Sheets provide detailed information about a particular pest product. Click on the product name to display the MSDS.

Agrisense Ephestia Plodia Lure   exp 11-2022

Agrisense Liquid Wasp Bait   exp 11.2021

Alphachloralose   exp 4 -2019

Biflex Ultra Lo Odour   exp 08-2021

Biforce   exp 10-2020

Bromakil Rat Drink   exp 01-2019

Catchmaster Glue Products   exp 04-2020

Chaindrite Aerosol   exp 01-2020

Chaindrite Metered Spray   exp 01-2020

Contrac Blox   exp 12-2022

Coopex Dust   exp 06-2021

Crackdown   exp 10-2021

Detex Blox   exp 12-2021

Ditrac Blox   exp 12-2021

Ecomist Aerosol   exp 07-2020

Homeguard Termite Barrier   exp 08-2021

Hydrasoil Wetter   exp 08-2020

Inskill  exp 10-2021

Jumbo Fly Attractant   exp 06-2020

MakiBlock   exp 07-2019

Maxforce Fusion CR Gel   exp 11-2019

Maxforce Gold Gel   exp 10-2021

Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait   exp 10-2021

Pestigas   exp 04-2020

Premise 200SC Termiticide   exp 10-2021

PyFog          exp 5-2023

PySpray Aerosol   exp 05 - 2023

PyZ023ap   exp 05-2023

Quickbait Fly Bait   exp 06-2021

Quickbayt Spray Fly Bait   exp 11-2021

Racumin 8 powder   exp 06-2021

Racumin Paste   exp 11-2021

Rega Slim Trap   exp 07-2022

Rodilon Rat Mouse Soft Block Bait   exp 11-2021

Selontra Soft Bait exp 29.05.2021

Seclira WSG Insecticide exp- 22.09.2021

Sentricon AG Termite Bait   exp 06-2020

Sentricon Always Active HD Rod   exp 06-2020

Sentricon IG Termite Bait   exp 08-2021

Starycide IGR   exp 11- 2021

Talon Wax Blocks   exp 10-2021

Tempo   exp 10-2021

Temprid 75   exp 06-2021

Termidor Termiticide   exp 06-2021

Trapper Glue Boards   exp 01-2020

Ultra Force Termite Foam   exp 02-2020

Vectobac G   exp 02-2019

Weed Master Agro  exp 02-2019

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