Possum Survey Report

$198.00 $98.00

A fully qualified Murray Pest Control technician will complete a visual inspection with report & proposal.

The report will document all locations of:

  • possum access points
  • blocking and proofing required
  • foliage that needs to be cut back
  • trees and wires that need collars and discs attached
  • recommendation for locations possum nesting boxes

It is important to remember:

  • Brushtail and ringtail possums are protected and a PERMIT is required to trap and release.
  • Possums can cause building damage by staining ceilings (urine) and chewing on electrical wiring, causing fires.
  • Possums will travel along electrical/telecommunications lines from the building to telegraph poles to access a roof.
  • Possums have learnt that the suburban roof cavity is an excellent shelter, thus causing great distress to householders due to their activities that are nocturnal and noisy.


Note: Only for Adelaide Metro and for Residential properties. Commercial & Regional customers, please send us a message here: